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Before your first visit to Simply Orthodontics in Dayville, CT, please complete the following forms:

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This information will help us prepare for you complimentary, no-obligation consultation for braces and orthodontic treatment.

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Braces and orthodontics provide more than straight teeth. A perfect smile helps you feel more self-confident and beautiful. At Simply Orthodontics, we believe in making your smile transformation as enjoyable as possible.


While there are many types of braces, the ultimate goal is to straighten your teeth. Brackets made of metal or clear ceramic are connected by a thin wire that slowly shifts your teeth into position. Invisalign, a series of clear, plastic trays are also a type of orthodontics to gradually guide your teeth into alignment.

Today’s orthodontics are more discreet and comfortable than ever before. You can enjoy your life without the discomfort of bulky, rubber bands or wires. Plus, at Simply Orthodontics you can have a new smile in half the time!


The time it takes for braces to straighten your teeth can vary depending on how much your teeth need to shift. If your teeth are crooked or you need other adjustments, it may take longer. Some people respond very well to braces and can get their braces off faster than originally expected.

If you are diligent about using rubber bands, headgear, or retainers, you’ll have a perfect smile faster and good habits will help you maintain it for the rest of your life.

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As a parent, you probably have lots of questions about early orthodontic treatment for children such as:
Why might my child need early treatment? How can early treatment help my child long-term?

According to The American Association of Orthodontists, children as young as seven should see an orthodontist to prevent complications later on. Your child’s dentist will usually refer you to an orthodontist to determine if you need to start early treatment.

If they do in fact, need early treatment, Phase One can start anytime between eight or nine years old. Once they turn eleven or twelve, Phase Two can begin. Early treatment is essential in correcting any issues like underbite or crowded teeth. By addressing these problems early on, it’s less likely they’ll have painful extractions in the future.


  • If they lose baby teeth very early or very late (it usually starts around age 5)
  • If they don’t have all permanent teeth by 13-14 years old
  • If they have trouble chewing and/or biting
  • If they’re a mouth breather
  • If they suck their thumb after age 5
  • If they have a speech impediment
  • If their top and bottom teeth protrude out from each other
  • If their teeth don’t come together correctly
  • If their jaw shifts when they open or close their mouth
  • If their front teeth are crowded


Children can develop orthodontic problems from thumb-sucking, injury to the mouth, or early or late loss of baby teeth. However, most issues like crowded teeth, protruding teeth, or overbites are inherited.

If you’re able to correct some of these problems before age 13 when jawbones harden and stop growing, it’s unlikely that your child will have to worry about extraction or oral surgery when they get older. Correcting orthodontic issues early can also prevent the need for braces.

If you wait to seek orthodontic treatment until they’re a teenager or an adult, it is much more difficult to realign teeth or correct spacing issues. To find out if your child is a candidate for early orthodontic treatment you can schedule our Simply Orthodontics Smile Analysis. This complimentary consultation offers 3D x-rays valued at $249 and a recommendation from our expert Dayville orthodontist. Call 860.774.2008 to schedule an appointment.

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According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should first visit the orthodontist around age seven. This is simply a recommendation that works for most children, but when your child has a good mix both permanent teeth and baby teeth, it’s a good time for the orthodontist to properly evaluate their orthodontic needs. The sooner they’re diagnosed, the sooner your orthodontist can correct potential issues and help your child avoid surgery.


  • Guide permanent teeth into a straight position
  • Help correct jaw issues
  • Open up space for crowded teeth
  • Make sure upper and lower arches are the correct width
  • Prevent tooth extractions in the future
  • Stop thumb sucking and improve minor speech problems


For parents, it’s hard to tell if your child needs braces and orthodontic treatment. Watch for these signs that could indicate your child is ready to visit an orthodontist in Dayville, CT:

  • Loosing baby teeth too early or too late
  • Difficulty chewing or biting food
  • Breathing only out of their mouth
  • Sucking on thumb or fingers
  • Crowding or misplaced teeth
  • Noisy or popping jaws when opened and closed
  • Inability to close teeth together
  • Disproportionate jaw and teeth sizes compared to the face
  • Crowding in front teeth as an adolescent

At Simply Orthodontics of Dayville, CT, we can help your child have a healthy smile for life. Our Simply Orthodontics Smile Analysis is a complimentary evaluation (valued at $249) that gives you the best recommendations for your child’s orthodontic treatment. Call 860.774.2008 to make an appointment.

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Teen Braces
Teen Braces

Often, teenagers dread the phrase, “YOU NEED BRACES!” However, in this day and age, braces are so common among teenagers that you don’t have to worry about the stigma because most likely –many of your friends have had braces before. Gone are the days of clunky, uncomfortable “metal mouths.” Braces are comfortable, stylish, and fit seamlessly in your life.


The length of time you’ll have braces will depend on these three factors:

    • Early treatment — Orthodontists can monitor the growth of your jaw and possibly  prevent issues before they’re a bigger problem. If orthodontic problems like overbites and crowded teeth run in your family, it might be good to see an orthodontist when you’re younger to make your time with braces go by faster.
    • What needs correction — Depending on what your orthodontist needs to correct, it can take more or less time. Every process is different and every patient is different. It could take you 1 year to complete orthodontic treatment, but it could take someone else 2 years depending on how quickly their mouth responds.

YOU! — If you take care of your braces and come in for regular orthodontic visits, your treatment will go smoothly and you can get your braces off faster!


At Simply Orthodontics, we know that you don’t want to be limited in your style choices. That’s why we offer several different types of braces to fit your lifestyle and smile needs. These options include:

If you need braces, you don’t have to settle for uncomfortable or embarrassing orthodontics. New styles of braces look good and feel good while you’re transforming your smile. Please call us at 860.774.2008 to schedule your complimentary Simply Orthodontics Smile Analysis.

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Adult Braces
Adult Braces

Many adults are hesitant to think about getting braces because they assume that orthodontic treatment is just for teenagers. However, that’s simply a misconception. One in five orthodontic patients are older than 21 according to the American Association of Orthodontists. No matter how old you are, orthodontic treatment helps keep your smile healthy and ultimately make you feel better about your appearance.


  • If your teeth fit together incorrectly because of a bad bite or malocclusion
  • If your teeth are crowded or spaced apart, causing to tooth decay or gum disease
  • If your teeth are crooked and cause abnormal jaw pain or pressure
  • If you want a more confident smile and a healthier mouth


Many adults have a stigma about the appearance of traditional metal braces. However, today’s orthodontic solutions have come a long way. Braces are now more comfortable, discreet, and flexible for your lifestyle. You can choose a customized solution based on your unique needs.

Options for types of braces:

  • Clear braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Invisible braces
  • Traditional metal braces


Adult braces and orthodontics are more than discreet solutions to straighten teeth. Older patients have other considerations that can affect orthodontic treatment. Children and teenagers are still growing so their jawbones move easier, but adults have already developed these bones and it often requires orthognathic surgery to adjust. Other considerations that are unique to adults include:

  • Gum or bone loss (periodontal disease) — Gingivitis, gum recession and other periodontal disease is more common in adults. If you’ve lived with crooked teeth, you’re also more likely to get gum disease.
  • Worn or missing teeth — As you get older, teeth break down and shift into different positions. Missing teeth and other bite issues can put you at risk for gum disease and should be corrected by an orthodontist.
  • Incomplete orthodontic treatment as a teen — Many adults never finish their orthodontic treatment they started as a teen. It’s never too late to have a healthy, confident smile.

At Simply Orthodontics in Dayville, we treat patients of all ages and we’ll customize a plan to fit your unique needs. Our dedicated, compassionate team will do whatever it takes to make sure your experience is comfortable and efficient so you can have the results you want.


  • Straight teeth are healthy teeth — You can prevent gum disease with aligned teeth because it’s easier to brush and floss aligned.
  • Beautiful, straight smiles build confidence — You can boost your quality of life with a confident, aesthetic smile through orthodontic treatment.
  • Untreated mouths can get worse — If you put off orthodontic care, gum disease can develop and cause long-term health problems.

Our Dayville orthodontics office can help you determine if adult braces and orthodontics are right for you. We’ll work around your schedule and make sure your appointments are convenient and time efficient. To schedule your complimentary Simply Orthodontics Smile Analysis, please call 860.774.2008.

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Although, orthodontic emergencies are rare, we’re here for you if something happens. If you’re in severe pain or you can’t fix an orthodontic appliance, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment.

You can actually resolve most issues with a temporary solution until you’re able to come in to the office. Any loose pieces can be removed and brought in during your next visit. If a wire is poking you, it can be easily adjusted from home with needle-nosed pliers and orthodontic wax to ease any discomfort.

Even if you’ve temporarily fixed the situation, please still call to schedule a appointment with our Dayville orthodontist. If damage is not repaired, it could interrupt your treatment schedule or even prolong your time with braces.


Immediately after getting braces, your mouth and teeth may be tender for 3-5 days. If it hurts to chew, a diet of soft foods can help. We also recommend 8oz of a warm salt-water rinse if your gums are irritated or sore. Healthy Gums Rinse by The Natural Dentist is a better-tasting alternative as well. Orabase also helps relieve discomfort.

Over the counter pain relievers like Acetaminophen (Tylenol) are fine if your pain is severe. However, it’s best to avoid aspirin, Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), and Naproxen Sodium (Naprosyn, Anaprox) because they actually slow the tooth movement – which is counterproductive for braces.

For the first 1-2 weeks, orthodontic wax can help ease irritation on your lips, cheeks, and tongue until you adjust to braces.


Soft wax will decrease discomfort if your appliance is poking you – simply smooth it over the affected area.


If your bracket is loose, but still attached to the wire, leave it on, and call for an appointment. If the bracket or band is about to fall off, it’s ok to remove it and place it in an envelope and bring it in for an appointment.


You can use needle-nosed pliers and tweezers to adjust a loose wire. Dental floss can also be used to tie around the bracket to replace a missing colored o-ring. If the wire is still poking you, a small fingernail clipper can cut the wire as a last resort. Soft wax can help ease discomfort if the end of the wire is still sharp.


A simple solution for a poking wire is to use a pencil eraser to push the poking wire down to a comfortable position.

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braces patient of simply orthodontics of ctSimply Orthodontics of Dayville, CT can help you or your loved one achieve a smile that benefits your dental health as much as it increases confidence. However, we want you to feel confident that your choice in a Dayville orthodontist is the right one. Follow the steps below to start your journey towards the smile you’ll love for a lifetime!

  1. Instantly download your FREE Report: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing an Orthodontist.
  2. Please call 860.772.0232 to ask questions or schedule your Simply Orthodontics Smile Analysis For Braces. .
  3. If you or a family member are looking for braces or orthodontic treatment, contact our convenient orthodontics office in Dayville, CT. We will gladly answer any questions you have and help you schedule an appointment!
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  • “I just wanted to take the time to give some praise to this office and all the staff. My daughter got braces today and everything went great. The staff and all the doctors are very friendly and helpful. My daughter was a little bit nervous about getting her braces and the staff made her feel so comfortable. A+'s in my book.”

    - Christian L.

    best ct orthodontist
  • Love the service and the people ----love it love it

    - Gemelee D.

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  • I like the service we receive during my son's appointments. I love the fact that when we are early, 99% of the time we are taken early. Most appointments are very quick. This last appointment was bitter sweet. Usually his Dad brings him to his appointments but he had passed away three weeks previous. I was going to mention it while we were there but they had already known and everyone made a point to extent their condolences to my son. It was very thoughtful and I appreciated it very much. Thank you!

    - Rebecca McAvey L.

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